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Nationwide Lifts, America's Leader in Home Elevators, offers a comprehensive selection of mobility systems. Traditional and contemporary residential elevators improve independence between floors of a home, while stair lifts and dumbwaiters offer alternatives to climbing and lifting, respectively. Products come with custom features and are supported by the industry's strongest warranty.

Rather than move into a single-story home, improve the functionality and efficiency of your existing dwelling with an elevator, stair lift, or dumbwaiter. If you have questions about our products or would like more information about the benefits of home elevators and other mobility systems, read our articles about types, installation, design, and tips below.

Elevator Info & Installation Tips

Home Mobility Needs for the Elderly

Take a Virtual Elevator Ride in the Empire State Building

Mechanics of an Elevator: Simple Machines

Are Elevators Susceptible to Power Surges?

Cable Elevator

Commercial Elevators

Deciding the Weight Capacity for a Home Elevator

Does a Home Elevator Need to Be Inspected?

Does It Make Sense to Install a Home Elevator in an Older House?

Does my Building Need a Commercial Elevator?

Do You Need Insurance for Your Elevator?


Elevator Design

Elevator for Home

Elevator Hoist

Elevator in Home

Elevator in House

Elevator Lifts

Elevator Safety & Children

Elevator System

Elevator Systems


Elevators for Home

Five Tips For Installing A Hydraulic Residential Elevator

Glass Elevator

Glass Residential Elevator

Handicap Elevator

Handicapped Elevator

Home Residential Elevators

Home Elevator Lift

House Elevator

House Elevators

How Does a Hydraulic Elevator Differ from a Vacuum Elevator?

How does a Pneumatic Elevator Work?

How Do "Green" Elevators Stay Green?

How do Pneumatic Residential Elevators Work?

How Many Stories can a Residential Elevator Travel?

How Much Space is Needed for a Vacuum Elevator?

How to Keep Commercial Elevator Running During Cold Weather

Hydraulic Elevator

Hydraulic Elevators

How Large Must A Home Elevator Be To Fit A Wheelchair?

How Many Floors Can a Home Elevator Travel?

How Deep Should a Pit For Hydraulic Elevators Be?

How Long Does it Take to Install a Traditional Home Elevator?

How Often Does a Commercial Elevator Need Maintenance?

How Often Does a Vacuum Elevator Require Maintenance?

How Often Does A Home Elevator Require Maintenance?

Lift Elevators

Lifts and Elevators

Passenger Elevator

Residential Home Elevator

Residential Lifts Elevators

Should You Use a Dumbwaiter in Your Restaurant?

Small Residential Elevators

The Right Elevator for a Three-Story Business

Tips for Installing a Vacuum Elevator

Traditional vs. Contemporary Elevators: The Pros & Cons

Trends for Residential Elevators

What's the Cost of Installing a New Elevator in a Home under Construction?

What Safety Codes Do You Need To Be Aware of Before Installing a Home Elevator?

What Defines a Contemporary Elevator?

What Happens to an Elevator During a Fire?

What Makes an Elevator "Green"?

What to Expect During an Elevator Inspection

When Were Elevators First Used in Homes?

Which Safety Features Should All Home Elevators Have?

Home Modifications to Accommodate Wheelchairs and the Elderly

Aging in Place: Aging in Your Own Home Safely

Meeting ADA Standards With an Elevator

From Hoist to High-Rise: Elevator History

There is simply no other company that can offer you all of this.

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