How Often Does a Commercial Elevator Need Maintenance?

Freedom Series Home ElevatorsBusiness elevators need routine maintenance. Elevator equipment needs periodic adjustments, lubrication, and examination for safe and reliable operation. Elevators also need to be inspected annually and certified for use by the state. For these reasons and more, it is important to schedule routine maintenance on your elevator with the manufacturer or a reputable company.

It is advisable to conduct maintenance service on your business elevator frequently so you can detect loose screws and squeaky wheels as early as possible.

Monthly maintenance service is fine. As for the equipment testing, it is normally conducted annually to comply with the local government requirements. Signed and sealed certifications from professional engineers are commonly required for these tests. Most service contractors include this in their package.

When you purchase your business elevator, price is always part of the picture, but if you pick your business elevator contractor based solely on price, you may be destined for problems. A small office building with two to four floors has different needs than a 40-story office building, and a hospital uses a different elevator than a two-story medical building.

The maintenance schedule for your business elevator is essential to your operation.

As the building owner or manager, you must determine how often the elevator needs maintenance and arrange for it in your contract. Avoid such terms as "systematic,""periodic,""routine," or "as needed." If the equipment needs monthly maintenance, make sure your contract stipulates monthly maintenance with credits applicable if not performed.

You should also make sure that your maintenance contractor is able to carry out emergency repairs in the shortest possible time. Check their shop to ensure that they have an adequate stock of spare parts, and make them commit in writing that they have the capability to deliver critical spare parts for a period of up to at least 10 years. Also include in the service contract that the contractor is committed to respond to an emergency call within 30 minutes.

Your maintenance contract should also cover all parts for your elevator.

The section of your contract that stipulates covered parts should clearly define the applicable components. Many maintenance contracts stipulate what is not covered with little description of the equipment that is covered, so discuss and get clarifications before signing your contract.

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Finally, make sure the maintenance personnel who work on your elevator are licensed.

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