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Nationwide LiftsThere are many elevator companies out there, from Otis to Associated. But one of the home elevator companies you should definitely consider is Nationwide Lifts, which offers a variety of traditional and contemporary elevators with dynamic 10 year warranties that protect your investment.

Freedom 750 Residential Elevators

We offer Freedom 750 residential elevators in 750 and 1,000 pound capacities with an assortment of cab finishes to match your home.

Freedom Green elevators are ideal for environmentally conscious homeowners, because they use less power and utilize recycled materials in cab construction. The Freedom Green elevator uses 50 percent less power than typical home elevators with no hydraulic oil required. It has no machine room, saving you valuable living space and features a cab constructed from recycled and reclaimed wood. The Freedom Green elevator is the green alternative for those interested in saving energy.

Freedom 1500 and 830 Elevators

Our Freedom 1500 home elevators have the largest capacity on the market with luxurious solid sliding doors.

Our new Vision 830 home elevator offers picturesque views of your home as you travel in an elevator with clear acrylic panels. It utilizes two aircraft cables to safely and quietly move up to 830 pounds at a comfortable 30 feet per minute. It features a 14 square foot cab area with ceiling light that illuminates the cab.

Not many elevator companies can match the depth of our offerings. We also offer 10-year warrantees on our mechanical parts, from brakes to mounting hardware, which none of our competitors offer.

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Please visit www.home-elevator.net for details on our extensive array of home elevators and feel free to call us toll-free at 888-323-8755 to speak with a customer service representative who will be happy to answer your questions on home elevator safety and design issues.

You don't need to spend more time researching elevator companies with Nationwide Lifts ready and willing to help you design and build the perfect elevator for your home at an economical price backed by the industry's most comprehensive warranty.

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There is simply no other company that can offer you all of this.

If you are looking for a customized quote or just want to ask a question, get in touch with Nationwide Lifts today to start talking to a Home Elevator expert.