Indy Curve

Custom built to match the contour of your staircase, the Indy Curve can handle 90 degree, 180 degree, and spiral curves.

The Indy Curve's smooth, powerful drive system combines a self-locking worm gear and rack-and-pinion design. This provides the safest operation and longest-lasting durability for years to come.

  • Rack-and-pinion design
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Perfect for the typical bi-level house

Smooth Curves

The Indy Curve can handle just about any staircase.  It can travel around the inside corners or outside corners of your staircase.  It can also be configured to park around a corner and out of the way.

Secure & Comfortable

The soft start, solid state controller features a secure, comfortable ride and includes an adjustable speed control that lets you select the riding speed that will make every trip a pleasure. The Indy Curve’s Inside Turns fit where most custom stair lifts will not. Its Inside Turns are perfect for the typical bi-level house while providing easy passage through doors and room entrances.

Additional Features

Indy Curve's tight turn and narrow rail will keep the majority of your staircase free of obstructions.The Wraparound Park Positions save you room on your staircase and allow you to easily enter and exit the stair lift away from the stairs.

The Indy Curve uses two 12-volt batteries that are charged by a state-of-the-art battery charger that plugs into any household outlet. It's leading edge technology assures you access up and down the stairway even if the electrical service in your home is interrupted.

Custom Options

If you have multiple landings, the Indy Curve can have multiple charging/parking stations. This allows you to get on or off the chair at middle landings and leave the chair in place until needed again. This stair lift can be painted in custom colors to match the décor of your home.


Drawings & Guides

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Indy Curve Technical Specs PDF
Indy Curve Seating Selections PDF

Standard Features

  • Supports up to 400 lbs.
  • Uses direct drive motor/gear box
  • Designed to minimize required space
  • Arms, seat & footrest fold for your convenience
  • Seat swivels at upper landing

Optional Features

  • Mid Park and Charge station for staircases with landings between the top and bottom of the stairs
  • Optional upper or lower landing park position for additional stability when entering and exiting
  • Custom colors

Indy Curve Photos

Indy Curve Residential Stair Lift
Indy Curve Residential Stair Lift
Indy Curve Residential Stair Lift
Indy Curve Residential Stair Lift

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