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Vision 350 Elevator SystemA residential elevator can be a great help and luxury in your home. After deciding that you wish to have an elevator installed in your home, you must decide on the right elevator system. It is important to find the best location in your home so the elevator can reach the area of each floor you want it to. You may need an architect to inspect the area you wish to place the elevator to ensure it will not pose any structural problems. When looking for a residential elevator, let Nationwide Lifts help you pick out the best one for your home.

What Elevator System is Best For You?

Once you know where the elevator will go, you need to decide on what elevator system is best for you. At Nationwide Lifts, we carry hydraulic, electric or traction, and pneumatic elevator systems.

Hydraulic Elevator System

A hydraulic elevator is popular, because it is known for its safety and reliability. They are great for low-rise residential use because they are easily lifted between lower floors. They are said to be safer because the elevator car is never hanging, it is always being held up by the hydraulic arm. Most hydraulic elevators require a pit and machine room beneath them. Having a machine room makes them more structurally sound and is safer in the event of an earthquake or fire. A hydraulic elevator works by utilizing a system that consists of a tank, pump, and valve that pumps hydraulic oil. The hydraulic fluid flows into the cylinder of the arm, and the valve is closed. The cylinder fills up and pushes the piston that forces the elevator car up. On the way down the process is reversed, allowing for safe travel back downstairs.

Electric or Traction Elevator Systems

This type of elevator system uses a counterweight to allow the car to stay suspended in the air at higher stops. This type of system does not require a pit or machine room, making it easier to install. It is best suited for adding an elevator to an existing newer home. Structurally, it is not as sturdy, because there is no machine room, but that does not make it unsafe. These kinds of elevators are said to be "green," because it does not use any hydraulic fluids. They have an overhead winding drum that moves the cab up and down and are much quieter than a pneumatic elevator.

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