Indy Pinnacle

The narrow size and innovative features of the Indy Pinnacle make this our most popular stair lift.

The Indy Pinnacle is our most popular stair lift, for many reasons:

  • Narrowest stair lift on the market.  Works with staircases as narrow as 26”
  •  No lubrication required
  • Runs twice as long as average stair lift during power outage
  • Unique charging strips make charging very easy and reliable
  • 10-year mechanical warranty

Narrowest Stair Lift

The Indy Pinnacle is the narrowest stair lift available, folding up to just 11” from the wall.  If you have a very narrow staircase, this may be the only lift that will fit.  This is ideal for any staircase as it minimizes the space taken by your lift.

New Innovations

The Indy Pinnacle has a unique drive system does not require messy lubrication.  The drive system is so efficient, the Pinnacle uses half the power of most stair lifts.  This allows it to run more than 40 trips on battery backup (more than twice the average stair lift).  This is the most innovative and reliable stair lift we have ever sold.


Drawings & Guides

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Indy Pinnacle Owner's Manual PDF

Standard Features

  • Made in the USA.
  • Safety sensors will always stop the lift when it meets an obstruction.
  • 11" wide – the narrowest stair lift available.
  • Able to make up to 40 trips during a power outage.
  • Indicator lights provide an easy operating system.
  • Does not require grease or lubricants.
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Electrical requirements: 115 VAC
  • Operation power: 24V DC Battery
  • Travel distance: 16 ft standard – available up to 75 ft
  • Speed: 17-21 ft per minute
  • Incline limits: 27 – 52 degrees
  • Drive system: Polymer worm/worm-rack

Optional Features

  • Automatic folding rail
  • Upgraded seat
  • Bronzed rail

Indy Pinnacle Photos

Indy Pinnacle Residential Stair Lift
Indy Pinnacle Residential Stair Lift
Indy Pinnacle Residential Stair Lift
Indy Pinnacle Residential Stair Lift

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