Indy Platform

This residential wheelchair lift carries a wheelchair along the incline of the staircase.  Priced much more economical than similar commercial models, this is an ideal solution for many homes.

  • 500 lb Capacity
  • Slim Design
  • Economical


For some conditions, the transfer from a wheelchair to a stair lift can be dangerous.  The Indy Platform will address these concerns as there is no need to transfer.  The Indy Platform will carry the person and wheelchair all at once.

Reliable & Convenient

For use with a wheelchair or motorized scooter, the Indy Platform Stair Lift is based on the compact Indy Pinnacle design and has additional features. Much like the Indy Pinnacle, the Indy Platform Stair Lift folds close to the wall. Safety features, on the other hand, are geared toward wheelchairs and motorized scooters: a ramp obstruction sensor, non-skid surface, and an over speed governor. Designed with an auto-folding feature, this platform stairlift folds at entry and exit points.


Drawings & Guides

Indy Platform Manual PDF

Standard Features

  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Travel: 40 ft maximum
  • Speed: 14 ft per minute
  • Ramps auto fold on both ends of the platform.
  • Offers convenient wall-mounted guide rail that also provides stability as a handrail.
  • Uses the same track as the reliable and popular Indy Pinnacle.
  • Sits a mere 12" from the wall when folded.
  • Platform 25" x 36", Manual Fold, Auto folding ramps for entry and exit.
  • Controls Constant pressure rocker switch on platform.
  • Radio frequency with wireless key fobs.
  • Manual Lowering Device provided.

Safety Features

  • Over speed governor
  • Upper and lower landing limits
  • Ramp obstruction sensors
  • Under platform safety pan
  • Drive chassis obstruction sensors
  • Non-skid surface.

Optional Features

  • 90° Enter / Exit
  • Is also offered as an outdoor package

Indy Platform Photos

Indy XL Platform Stair Lift

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