Handicapped Elevator

Freedom Handicapped ElevatorMany people live their lives with a disability or have a handicap that restricts them to a wheelchair. There are also people who are just incapable of using the stairs anymore in their old age. At Nationwide Lifts, we can help those people gain their independence back by installing a handicapped elevator in their home. We have a variety of elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts that will make it possible for anyone to have access to all floors of their home.

Gain Access To Your Home Again

Very often, people must leave their home because of a disability or old age. They are no longer capable of getting up and down the stairs by themselves, and they are not able to gain access to their entire home. At Nationwide Lifts, we can make it possible for those people to stay in their home with one of our residential elevators.

Choose From Traditional Or Contemporary Elevators

We carry several traditional and contemporary residential elevators that would be perfect for anyone who struggles with stairs. We also carry some models that are designed to be where a wheelchair can fit inside. Any of our elevators will be great for helping someone get between floors easily. You will no longer need to use the stairs and can get yourself and personal items up and down between your home's floors.

Different Sizes for Different People

If you need access inside or outside up and down a small height, we also carry multiple models of wheelchair lifts. These lifts are great for getting up on a deck in the front of your house, between rooms that may have a riser in between them, or between floors. Our Apex IPL wheelchair lift moves on a track that can bring you up and down a staircase. The platform automatically folds up, so it does not hinder the stairs for other people. Our Apex 500 is great for getting a person in a wheelchair six feet vertically and is great for the outdoors. Our Apex 750 and 750+ models are great for getting up to higher destinations up to 12 feet.

If you are not in a wheelchair, our contemporary pneumatic elevators can be an inexpensive and effective way to get between floors without using the stairs. If you do not want a residential elevator, we also have a line of stair lifts that can assist you in traveling between floors.Our stair lifts have a battery powered chair that travels along a track to get up and down the stairs. There are straight and curved track models, along with a stair lift designed for the outside.

Age or Disability Doesn't Have to Limit Your Access

If you or a family member need help getting between floors in your home because of age or disability, purchase a handicapped elevator from Nationwide Lifts. Check out all of our residential elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts on our website and get a quote for getting one in your home today!

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