Vision 450

Vision 450 home elevator is a pneumatic lift operating with a vacuum concept.

Unlike most residential elevators, Vision 450 require no pit, machine room, or hoist way and has a cylindrical elevator cabs with panoramic visibility. Instead of a guide rail or cable, the elevator has a driving machine consisting of turbines that remove the air from the top of the car and, as a result, the car moves in an upward direction.

  • No excavation, no hoist way, no costly infrastructures.
  • Utilizes a pneumatic drive.
  • Contemporary design.


The Vision 450 is the most popular of the pneumatic elevators. The size is comfortable for a single person, yet 2 people can squeeze in together. This unit takes up a very small footprint while providing a sufficiently sized cab.

100% Pneumatic

No ropes, pulleys, chains, or counterweights are used, and a safety valve is located at the top of the car to act as a top switch so the cab knows where to stop on certain floors. Instead of using a pit, the elevator cab sits at floor level at the bottom and, for each floor stop above, is held in place by mechanical locks.

Technical Specifications

The Vision 450 has a 450 lb capacity and moves at 30 fpm. The elevator car has a 32 inch interior diameter, a 39 inch outside diameter, and a 77 inch interior height. The elevator can travel 35 feet with up to four stops.


Drawings & Guides

Vision 450 Technical Specs PDF
Vision 450 2 Stop PDF
Vision 450 3 Stop PDF
Vision 450 4 Stop PDF

Standard Features

  • 450 lb capacity
  • 30 fpm rated speed
  • Pneumatic Lift system
  • 32” inside diameter, 39” outside diameter
  • 77” interior cab height
  • Travel capacity of up to 35 feet with up to four stops
  • No pit required
  • Automatic battery recharging system
  • Automatic emergency cab lighting for added safety
  • Emergency alarm and stop buttons
  • Recessed ceiling light
  • 230V operation

Optional Features

  • Cab configurations: front-back, or same-side exit
  • Remote turbine unit
  • Folding seat in cab

Vision 450 Photos

Vision 450 Home Elevator
Vision 450 Home Elevator
Vision 450 Home Elevator
Vision 450 Home Elevator
Vision 450 Home Elevator
Vision 450 Home Elevator
Vision 450 Home Elevator

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