Vision EC

With no pit, no machine room, and no hoist way, the Vision EC home elevator is designed to maximize living space and reduce construction in comparison to other home elevators.

This home elevator only needs a reinforced wall for the rail and a floor cutout. But, like most other residential elevators, the Vision EC uses a hydraulic drive system. Inside the elevator, the cab has a 30 inch by 46 inch platform and 78 inch height and a recessed ceiling light.

  • Economical Home Elevator
  • Unique Through-Floor Design
  • Indoor or Outdoor Operation
  • Smooth Hydraulic Operation

Technical Specifications

The Vision EC moves at 25 feet per minute and has a 500 lb capacity. This type of elevator is best for a two-floor home. Safety features for the Vision EC include battery powered lowering, battery backup cab lighting, and alarm. Other features include an under-panel safety senor and top floor presence detector.

Drawings & Guides

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TelCab Type 1
TelCab Type 1L - 30x47x78 PDF DWG
TelCab Type 1L - 30x54x78 PDF DWG
TelCab Type 1R - 30x47x78 PDF DWG
TelCab Type 1R - 32x54x78 PDF
TelCab Type 2
TelCab Type 2 - 30x47x78 PDF DWG
TelCab Type 2 - 32x54x78 PDF DWG
TelCab Type 3
TelCab Type 3 - 30x46x78 PDF DWG
TelCab Type 3 - 32x53x78 PDF DWG

Standard Features

  • 500 lb Capacity
  • 25 fpm rated speed
  • Hydraulic drive system for smooth operation
  • Standard cab platform of 30” wide by 46” deep
  • 78” interior cab height
  • Travel capability of up to 23 feet with up to two stops
  • No pit required
  • Emergency battery powered lowering
  • Automatic emergency cab lighting
  • Emergency alarm and stop buttons
  • Under-panel safety sensor to sense if person/object is in downward path
  • Top floor presence detector to sense if person/object is in upward path
  • Recessed ceiling light
  • Constant pressure operation
  • Acrylic windows
  • 115 V. operation

Optional Features

  • Variety of cab configurations, including front/back and side exit
  • Larger cab option: 32” x 54”
  • Outdoor operation
  • Automatic door operator

Vision EC Photos

Vision EC Home Elevator
Vision EC Home Elevator
Vision EC Home Elevator
Vision EC Home Elevator

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