Elevator in House

Freedom Green Home ElevatorPurchasing an elevator for your home is a big decision, but you can't decide that purchasing one will truly benefit your family. Here at Home-elevator.net, we believe that in-home elevators serve as much more than luxury additions. The following are just a few reasons why installing an elevator in the house would benefit you and your family.


If climbing stairs is a daily and re-occurring process, you could drastically simplify your life by installing an in-home elevator. Just think about the ease of doing laundry or bringing in groceries with the use of an elevator! Multiple trips up and down the stairs can be a thing of the past with the installation of a home elevator.


As you age, using the stairs can become exhausting and even dangerous. With an in-home elevator, you and your spouse don't have to worry about selling your house or re-modeling as you age. Rest assured that you'll be able to enjoy your home for many years to come.

Property Value

Installing an elevator in your home can significantly increase your property value. Home elevators aren't just for the wealthy anymore, and more and more homeowners understand the value of having one installed. Increase your homes re-sell value by owning one of these highly coveted machines!

Non Stair Using Visitors

If visitors have to climb a set of stairs to enter your home, then some non-stair using visitors may find it difficult to visit you. Provide your guests with easy access to your home by installing an elevator that reaches all floors.

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Home elevators aid in performing normal day to day activities, help visitors tackle stairs and provide security to the home owner as he or she ages. Check out all of our elevators at Home-elevator.net to decide on the perfect model for you.

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