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Nationwide LiftsOtis, Eagle, Delco and American Crescent are among the leading elevator manufacturers. But they have stiff competition today from Nationwide Lifts, which lives up to its name with locations across the country and a bounty of great products that are delighting customers.

Nationwide Lifts: Leading Elevator Manufacturer

Nationwide offers contemporary models that make it the new leading elevator manufacturer.

The Vision 830 provides picturesque views of your home, as you ascend in a home elevator with clear acrylic panels. It's more than an elevator; it's a work of art that integrates beautifully into your home with a unique round, clear design with a large 14 square foot cab area that is wheelchair accessible and meets all elevator codes. It features a recessed ceiling light that illuminates the cab and installation costs are reduced because it requires no pit and machine room.

Vision830 Contemporary Home Elevator

The Vision 830 is the most contemporary home elevator and makes Nationwide the leading elevator manufacturer.

Today's environmentally conscious homeowners will also find Nationwide's Freedom Green model appealing. This is the home elevator with interior cab walls made from 100-percent recycled wood with a motor that runs on 50 percent less energy than conventional elevators. There's no machine room, and the elevator uses no hydraulic oil so it runs clean and preserves home space.

Important Elevator Safety Features

Nationwide's home elevators also come with important safety features from interior ceiling lighting to convenient stop start buttons.

We aim to be the leading elevator manufacturer by offering the latest contemporary designs at affordable prices with expansive warrantees that include 10 years for mechanical parts and three years for electrical systems.

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There is simply no other company that can offer you all of this.

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