Elevator Installation

Visi-58 Home Elevator

Four systems are used for home elevators: hydraulic, traction, pneumatic, and winding drum.

Although each of these moves a car with a different mechanism, all generally have the same basic parts: a hoistway, a car, and a system above or below for moving the car. A hydraulic elevator additionally has a pit and machine room. Elevator installation, as a result, can take a day to install a pneumatic system or up to four days for a hydraulic system.

Pneumatic elevator installation tends to be quicker, as little to no construction is involved. A hoistway does not need to be built into the interior or exterior of your house. Rather, a clear hoistway is already put together and just needs to be installed onto a flat surface.

Hydraulic elevators, an overall larger design, have more parts. A car attached to a lifting system, this type of elevator consists of a fluid-driven piston inside a cylinder, which is connected to a system of a tank, pump, and valve. A hoistway and entrances additionally need to be installed into your home.

Hydraulic elevator installation can be a four- or five-day procedure. Prior to any changes being made to your home or building, your property is surveyed and drawings of the system are created. When installation begins, the hoistway and basic components of a hydraulic system are added. Procedures at this initial stage may include plumbing the hoistway; installing guide rail brackets, guide rails, the hydraulic cylinder, the controller, the power unit, and the hydraulic hose line; and wiring the power unit to the controller.

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After this set of procedures, the framework for the car is put in place. This may include installing and roping the frame, testing it, installing a platform, and wiring and piping the hoistway. Once these two basic parts have been added, the entrances and the car are installed and finished. Adjusting any locks is typically the final part of elevator installation.

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