Deciding the Weight Capacity for a Home Elevator

Freedom Hydro Home ElevatorMost residential elevator models have a capacity of around 500 to 750 pounds, with some going as high as 1,500 pounds.

The weight limit varies for different elevator models.

Vacuum elevators tend to have lower weight capacity limits. Some residential hydraulic elevators have weight capacities starting at 900 pounds, with interior dimensions 36 inches to 48 inches or larger. They can be ordered with accordion-style or commercial elevator-style gates.

If you're planning to use your home elevator to transport a wheelchair, confirm the weight of the wheelchair, including batteries, to make sure the total weight of the wheelchair and user is under the residential elevator capacity. You can also use a home elevator to transport heavy goods, such as furniture, from floor to floor, but make sure the pieces you plan to move don't exceed the weight capacity for your home elevator.

Check the specifications page of the elevator model you're interested in for a listing of the weight capacity.

One new vacuum elevator that requires no shaft, pit, or machine room has a weight capacity of 830 pounds with a standard cab platform of 52 inches diameter and a cab height of 84 inches. It travels up to 40 feet with five stops.

One hydraulic home elevator model has a weight capacity of 1,500 pounds and comes in a cab platform size of 44 inches by 60 inches with a 96 inch interior cab height. It travels up to 50 feet with five stops at a speed of 40 feet per minute.

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Look online for home elevator models you are interested in and check the specifications for the weight capacity. Make sure the elevator you choose can handle the weights of the passengers who will ride the elevator and the wheelchairs and other materials you may transport in the elevator.

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