Dumbwaiter Elevator

Can get up a flight of stairs but aren't able to take heavy objects with you?

Jeeves Pro Dumbwaiter ElevatorIf this sounds like the situation in your home, a dumbwaiter may be of assistance. As small freight elevators, dumbwaiters are added to both homes and restaurants and each consists of a movable frame in a shaft. The frame is suspended by a rope over a pulley and is guided up and down by rails between floors. A dumbwaiter elevator for a home can support a load up to750 pounds, while some commercial models may support as much as 1000 pounds.

A dumbwaiter elevator began as a manual device that was guided by a rope being pulled, but, in the present, the cab portion uses an electric motor to move from floor to floor. Most have automatic control systems and freight containers inside. Some, such as those geared specifically to restaurants, are even built with shelves inside to support food and dishes.

dumbwaiter elevator may be of assistance in a home but they're often necessary in commercial settings.

In addition to restaurants, a dumbwaiter is often used in hospitals, banks, libraries, courthouses, laboratories, museums, and office buildings. Objects carried inside a dumbwaiter include large amounts of food, dishes, clothing, documents, books, and carts. In all cases, however, people are not to use a dumbwaiter to move between floors.

Adding a dumbwaiter elevator to your home or commercial building is as simple as contacting a licensed elevator contractor or using a do-it-yourself kit. After installation, the system needs to comply with ASME codes, many of which overlap with those of passenger elevators.

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Jeeves dumbwaiters, carried through Nationwide Lifts, are the only UL-certified systems in the United States. All use a powder-coated steel cab with a gate and have safety devices, such as door locks and trolley brakes.

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