Advantages of a Dumbwaiter

Jeeves Pro Commercial DumbwaiterCommercial and residential dumbwaiters are fantastic solutions for moving items from floor-to-floor.

You might think dumbwaiters are a thing of the past but they are useful modern tools, either at a home or business.

You can find the old-fashioned dumbwaiters, especially in older hotels. However, modern technology has brought the dumbwaiter into the 21st century.

Nationwide Lifts offers the Jeeves Pro Dumbwaiter. This motorized dumbwaiter requires minimal installation and maintenance. This is a great option for a commercial elevator. It can travel up to 80 feet with up to six stops. It is the only full dumbwaiter system in the United States that has complete UL certification. It comes standard with a powder-coated steel cab and roll-up gate.

This is just the kind of dumbwaiter that's perfect for a small business. Dumbwaiters are basically small elevators designed to transport objects from one floor to another. Restaurants, hotels and medical clinics are just some of the businesses that can benefit from motorized dumbwaiters. Hotel room service is a natural for the dumbwaiter, as it can move hot food seamlessly from one floor to another. This cuts down on the walking distance and time for hotel employees, making the hotel staff more efficient.

There are different design options for these dumbwaiters. Wood-paneled dumbwaiters can be found. Many dumbwaiters can transport up to 500 lbs.

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Dumbwaiters also make good business sense, since they don't require much maintenance. Motorized dumbwaiters run on a rail system and are operated by buttons on a control panel.

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