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Stair lifts come in straight and curved designs.

Straight stair lifts are best when the staircase between two floors is a direct line, such as in a row house, but if a stair case has curves in it, such as with a folded or spiral staircase, a curved stair lift is best, as the shape can be customized according to the design of the stairs.

  • Up to 300 lb. capacity
  • 115 VAC – plugged in at top or bottom landing
  • Do-it-yourself kit
  • Foldable footrest, seat and padded armrests

Additional Information

Both types of stair lifts have a 300lb capacity and operate on a rack and pinion drive. The support posts are anchored to stair reads or carpet fibers and no wall is required for installation.

The stair lift moves with continuous pressure buttons and, for extra comfort, comes with a foot rest, padded arm rest, and a swivel seat.

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