Freedom Series

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Our Freedom elevators can be customized with additional features, such as additional height inside the cab, or can be made out of a selection of woods to match the décor of your home.

Other ways to customize one of our elevators is with the entrance. A standard, or front, entrance is most common, but Freedom elevators can be made with a 90 or 180 degree walkthrough. Walkthroughs can be from front to back or front to side. A side only entrance is another option, as well.

  • Most economical home elevator.
  • A Customized, Economical Residential Elevator.
  • Battery-powered lowering function and alarm.
  • Travel to heights up to 40 feet with five stops.

Additional Information

The four kinds of elevators we offer are run by winding drum, hydraulic drive, or traction machine. The most common out of these three is the hydraulic drive as it runs the smoothest, but installation requires a machine room for this type of mechanism. A machine room, however, can be set up anywhere in the house. The other two, winding drum and traction machine, do not need a machine room, and a traction machine mechanism is considered to be "green," as it uses fifty percent less power than other home elevator mechanisms.

Most residential elevators can lift up to 1000lbs, although the Freedom 1500 model can lift up to 1500lbs. This can be beneficial moving people, furniture, or equipment between floors - and requires no stair usage. For example, if you need to move a sofa or a piano up to the third floor of a multi-story house, then, instead of pushing either object up a flight of stairs or having movers carry them, the furniture can go on an elevator and up to the necessary floor.

Once an elevator is installed, it moves soundlessly between floors in the house. Installation, for most elevators, can take between three to four days. For Freedom 1500 elevators, installation should take between four to five days. A functional telephone jack should be able to run to either the machine room or fuse-able power box. With a free consultation about a home elevator, our staff at one of our local offices can help you with preparation and planning in your home.

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