Residential Elevators Dimensions

Freedom Home ElevatorsThere are many different reasons people would get a residential elevator installed into their homes. Some families have large homes and want an easier way to move between them than the stairs. Some people have physical limitations from injury or old age that hinder them from being able to walk up and down the stairs in their homes. Depending on why you are purchasing a residential elevator will determine the dimensions of the one you choose. At Nationwide Lifts, we offer many different dimensions for our elevators to provide for your every need.

The dimensions of residential elevators depend on how the elevator will be used and space available. If you have limited space or just want an elevator that can get you between floors quickly, you should purchase a pneumatic elevator. Their cylindrical design makes them easy to install in places where space is limited. They also do not need a machine room, bringing down installation time and cost. While they are more compact, several Nationwide Lifts' models can comfortably fit a person in a wheelchair. Our pneumatic elevators by Vision can travel up to 35 feet and have between two and four stops. The internal cabin height can be up to 79 inches with a diameter of 43 ½ inches.

If you need a larger elevator, Nationwide Lifts offers several elevators by Freedom that can travel higher and provide more interior space. Along with a "green" economical model, we carry three different size residential elevators. The larger residential model has a 96-inch interior cab height and comes with several platform sizes, the largest being 44 inches by 60 inches. The larger models will require a machine room and use a hydraulic system, but can travel as much as 50 feet with up to five stops. If your budget is larger and you need a bigger cab that can travel far, the Freedom 750 or 1500 are the elevators for you. They are like having a commercial elevator in your home and are great for those looking for a residential elevator with larger dimensions.

At Nationwide Lifts, we carry a selection of elevators with a wide range of dimensions. So whether you need a small pneumatic elevator for one or two people, or need a large hydraulic elevator for multiple passengers, we have the residential elevator for you. Visit our website to request a free quote for the dimensions you desire for your residential elevator.

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