How Often Does A Home Elevator Require Maintenance?

Freedom Series Home ElevatorsThe cost of an in-home elevator doesn't stop after installation. Just like owning a car, parts break and repairs need to be made. Most elevator companies suggest annual maintenance, and some states, cities, and counties require annual inspections and safety certifications.

Even if your state, city, or county doesn't require annual maintenance, it's still a good idea to have your home elevator inspected annually, because a standard elevator has a lot of moving parts, so it should be inspected to avoid breakdowns and to continue running smoothly.


A lot depends on where you live. Some cities and counties require annual inspections and safety certifications. Some require a permit (like with burglar alarms) and charge an annual fee. Most are fairly safe and will operate safely without incident for years, however, so it is another way for budget strapped cities to get extra revenue.


In traditional hydraulic elevators, parts can wear out quickly, and homeowners may have to replace cables, pulleys and fluids.

If your home elevator doesn't require a pit, machine room, pulleys, ropes, chains, and counterweights, it will require less maintenance and suffer fewer breakdowns. This type of elevator costs more upfront, but has lower maintenance costs. It should still be inspected annually to insure there are no problems.

The elevator company you work with will provide maintenance tips and some offer preventative maintenance contracts that can save you money. But the best service provider may not be the company that installed your system. Elevator maintenance can be provided by manufacturers or independents.


You should know the type of elevator contract options to find a maintenance agreement that meets your building requirement. Most companies offer different types of elevator maintenance contracts with a range of coverage options and discount opportunities.

Once you have decided which maintenance contract will work best for your property, you can find a company that will provide the service. But you must know what is not covered and how the services will be billed. Also make sure spare parts are available.

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Look online for home elevator companies, select a model for your home, and inquire about maintenance plans. Most companies suggest annual or semi-annual maintenance inspections, which ensure your home elevator stays in good repair and runs smoothly.

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