What Makes An Elevator Green

Freedom Green Residential ElevatorUsing environmentally safe, or "green," products has become a big concern with people. More people are buying green products to help save the ozone layer, save energy, and leave a smaller carbon footprint. There are elevators that are considered green because they are more eco-friendly than standard elevators.

With so many people wanting to "go green" in their homes, elevator companies have created green residential elevators. There are several things that make these residential elevators green.

  • Energy Savings - The drive system in green elevators uses a counterbalance system. This allows the elevator to use little power when moving the cab. Since the motor is used less thanks to the counterbalance system, a green elevator can provide up to 50 percent more energy savings compared to other residential elevators.
  • No Machine Room - Green elevators do not require a machine room to be built during installation. The machine room-less design reduces the amount of material used and saves valuable square footage. This allows for the most efficient use of a home's living space with less intrusive construction.
  • No Hydraulic Oil - Many residential elevators use a hydraulic drive system that can require 20 to 25 gallons of hydraulic oil to operate. The oil can become an environmental hazard if it permeates a water source or the ground. Green elevators' traction system utilizes a small motor instead of a hydraulic pump and oil.
  • Green Cab - The interiors of green elevators can contain 100-percent recycled/recovered material.

When looking at residential elevators, it is important to see if it is a green model. They will still provide the luxurious look of other residential elevators, but they will use less energy and leave a smaller carbon footprint. The low cost of ownership and eco-friendly design has made green elevators a popular choice in the residential elevator market.

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