Freedom Green

  • Environment Friendly Residential Elevator
  • No Machine Room Required
  • Smooth, Quiet Operation
  • 1000 lb capacity

(see complete specifications below)

Nationwide Lifts’ Freedom Green is a residential elevator designed to provide a luxurious, yet affordable means of transportation while providing environmentally conscious homeowners a green solution. The Freedom Green’s smooth operation is ensured by its unique traction drive system technology. With a variety of cab finishes and colors, the Freedom Green allows you to customize your cab for a more personalized look. The Freedom Green offers many standard features that are costly extras on many other elevators. This makes it the ideal choice when selecting a luxury elevator for your home.

UP to 50% Energy Savings

Through the use of a counterbalanced system, the motor requires very little power to move the elevator cab. This design utilizes up to 50% less energy than conventional home elevators.

No Machine Room

The Machine Room-Less design reduces material use and saves valuable square footage. You will not have to construct a machine room. The Freedom Green makes the most efficient use of your home’s living space.

No Hydraulic Oil

The Freedom Green uses no hydraulic oil. Typical hydraulic home elevators require 20-25 gallons of hydraulic oil to operate the lifting cylinder. If this oil permeates water sources, it can become an environmental hazard. The Freedom Green’s traction design utilizes a small motor rather than the hydraulic pump and cylinder.

Green Cab

The cab interior also provides “green” alternatives to conventional models. The interior cab walls contain 100% recycled/recovered wood content.