How Many Floors Can a Home Elevator Travel

Vision Glass Home ElevatorsHome elevators provide access to multiple floors. Mostascend up to 50 feet, which means they can travel up to five floors.Most home elevators feature two stops, but you can add up to six depending on the model and travel distance required.

If you have a home that is more than five stories, you can install a commercial elevator instead of a residential elevator that can service all the floors in your home uninterrupted.

Hydraulic elevators require a pit and machine room and use a hydraulic arm and fluid to move the elevator cab between floors. They are typically larger and have higher weight limits and are ideal for people who require a large cab space and desire a smooth ride.

Cable elevators may need a pit and machine room and require a track, motor, and cable system installed.

Pneumatic elevators use vacuum technology to push the elevator cab up to the next floor and are self-supporting, so they don't require a pit or machine room, which makes installation quick and easy. There are models of pneumatic elevators small enough for a single rider and large enough to accommodate wheelchairs. But pneumatic elevators won't travel to as many floors as traditional elevators, since there isn't enough pressure to push the car more than three or four stories.

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Look online for elevator suppliers that offer a number of models in a variety of styles. Check the specifications for details on the travel capability of each model and how many feet and stops it can travel.

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