Lifts And Elevators

Indy Lux Stair LiftSo you're in the market for lifts and elevators, and you're stuck on whether or not you should get an elevator or a lift. Not to worry. Luckily, both aid wheelchair users in traveling up or down stairs – all you have to decide upon is which option best suits your lifestyle. The following will help you eliminate one option or the other and will give you a better idea of which option is perfect for your home or office!

Elevator - Wheelchair Lift? Consider The Price Difference

First, you need to consider the price difference between an elevator and a wheelchair lift. Usually lifts cost much less than elevators. If you are short on cash, or are looking for the most economical option, you may want to stick to wheelchair lifts.

The Installation Process

Have you considered the installation process? Installing an elevator in your home or office is going to take much longer than installing a simple stair lift. If you are pressed for time, stick with lifts. Also, installation is more extensive with elevators than with lifts. When installing an elevator you need to consider the 12-foot deep pit that needs to be placed at the bottom of the elevator shaft, plus wiring and re-wiring in your home. With heavy installation, the price goes up – another reason why elevators are more expensive.

What Are Your Plans for Your Elevator or Lift?

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, consider your intended usage. Are you looking for something to aid a wheelchair family member but also something that the entire family can benefit from? If so, definitely go with an elevator. Lifts are not made to accommodate multiple persons or non-wheelchair individuals. If you want something everyone can use, you're going to need an elevator. On the flip side, if you or the intended user is the only person residing at the intended home of install, a lift would be more than suitable.

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