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Nationwide LiftsOn their own, home elevators are far more affordably priced than they once were. Nevertheless, if you are considering a home elevator for your house or business, the total price includes more than the car and hoistway. Other factors going into prices for home elevators include installation, additional features, permits, custom designs, and construction.

On their own, a standard home elevator runs from $20,000 to $100,000, depending upon the size and customization

While a pneumatic, or vacuum, elevator is $30,000 to $50,000. Price is a primary benefit for the latter of these two. With a panoramic design, a pneumatic elevator does not require any additional construction, as the hoistway and car are both installed into your home. A pneumatic elevator, however, only holds one or two people and is not large enough for wheelchairs or for moving furniture and other large items.

Installation for a standard elevator may end up costing just as much as the fixture itself. At $20,000 to $30,000, installation for a hydraulic elevator includes multiple factors. As a machine room, pit, and internal or external hoistway all need to be created in your home, an architect may need to draw up plans before the elevator is added.

The design of a home elevator may raise the price.

A smaller, basic elevator is likely less than $30,000, but height and size both increase the price. Speed, as well, is an asset, and elevators that operate faster are priced higher.

Interior features are also factors. Installing a phone for safety purposes may be an additional $50 to $200, and hand rails or certain door types also ups the overall cost.

A newer luxury item, custom elevators blend in with the interior of your home in ways that ordinary metal cannot. Designers of custom elevators can add finished wood paneling, metal, or stone, but creating your own elevator comes with a higher price.

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Although the fixture, installation, and design all contribute to the price of a home elevator, long-term costs must also be considered. Many areas require homeowners to have permits for installing home elevators, and yearly inspections are also recommended.

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