How Do Pneumatic Residential Elevators Work

Vision Glass Home ElevatorsPneumatic lifts are some of the more recent residential elevator designs. For the accessibility of moving between floors in a three-story home or commercial building, pneumatic lifts do not require a machine room, pit, or hoist way to be carved out of the existing building. Rather, this type of residential elevator simply needs a level surface for installing the tube and cab. Once these components are added, the elevator is capable of moving 450 pounds between floors and can move up to 30 feet per minute. Additionally, because the cab inside in controlled by air pressure, falling or becoming stuck inside is nearly impossible. This unique feature makes pneumatic elevators much safer than most other elevators.

The most unique feature for a pneumatic residential elevator is how the cab moves up and down the tube.

The air pressure inside, which causes the cab to move up or down, is controlled by a valve. When the area above the cab is depressurized inside the tube, the atmospheric pressure below the cab increases, and the pressure above decreases, which causes the elevator to go up. To descend, the valve causes the pressure to reverse. As far as the speed is concerned, the valve is also responsible for gauging the pressure inside the tube to make the cab move at a faster or slower speed.

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Pneumatic home elevators are also much easier to install, maintain, and operate than the more traditional elevators. They are especially ideal for existing homes due to their compact design, and excavating a deep pit for the shaft and hoistway are not required. For these reasons along with many others, these particular elevators are state of the art and will most certainly increase the resale value of any home or business office.

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