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Freedom Elite Home ElevatorAt Nationwide Lifts, we have a large selection of residential lifts elevators that are practical and affordable. Many people think that residential elevators are something only the rich and famous can have. Not only are they affordable, they can also be a great help in a home with someone that has physical restrictions. Many older homeowners or people in wheelchairs benefit from having a residential lift elevator.

At Nationwide Lifts, we carry several different types of elevator styles and systems. Each residential lift elevator has different applications that can meet your needs. There are larger residential lifts elevators that can provide access to multiple floors for someone in a wheelchair. There are smaller residential lifts elevators that can be placed in your home to make traveling between floors easier. To help decide which elevator lift is best for your situation, here is a breakdown of the different styles and systems:


At Nationwide Lifts, you can choose from either traditional or contemporary residential lifts elevators. The traditional style looks like the classic elevator you probably imagine when you picture an elevator. They look like smaller versions of an elevator you would ride in a hotel. Nationwide Lifts carries four different models of traditional residential lifts. These models include an energy-efficient model and a commercial model. Nationwide Lifts also carries contemporary lifts that have a modern look. Most of the contemporary models have cylindrical elevator cabs that have panoramic visibility. They have a sleek design that makes them easy to install almost anywhere in your home.


Nationwide Lifts carries residential lifts elevators that use three different drive systems. They carry elevators that use either cable driven, hydraulic, or pneumatic systems. Cable driven residential lifts elevators use cables, a motor, counterbalance, and an elevator cab on a track. The motor moves the cables to pull the elevator up and lowers it between floors. Hydraulic systems use a hydraulic arm that lifts up and lowers the elevator cab with the help of hydraulic fluid. Popular for its high safety rating, the hydraulic system, however, does require more maintenance and sometimes a machine room. The pneumatic system uses a vacuum to pull suck the elevator cab between each floor. A brake system stops and holds the elevator at each stop.

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