How to Keep Commercial Elevator Running During Cold Weather

Apex Green Wheelchair LiftCold weather can affect us in many ways. Even commercial elevators can be affected by cold weather.

The biggest issues attributed to cold weather are the effects of large fluctuations in temperature of the hydraulic oil that lifts a commercial elevator. Optimal temperature for the hydraulic system is between 85 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If your machine room is not climate-controlled, you may experience a sporadic leveling or a shutdown of the system.

You can eliminate this problem by controlling the temperature in the machine room to keep the oil from experiencing large temperature fluctuations. You can also install a tank heater in the hydraulic oil reservoir to control the temperature of the oil. A tank heater can be installed quickly by a trained elevator technician and is less costly than controlling the temperature of the room itself.

Another cold weather problem that can impact commercial elevators is dry rails. If your elevator is making a funny noise from the shaft, it might mean the steel guide rails need lubrication. The lubricant can dry out in cold weather, causing friction between the guide rails and the moving elevator. Remember, an elevator shaft is a dangerous place and should only be entered by a trained elevator professional.

If your commercial elevator is not climate-controlled, you can park it on a floor that is climate-controlled. You can install a parking or homing feature to the elevator that can be automatically programmed to park at a climate-controlled floor.

Your commercial elevator should come with a battery backup system to provide emergency lowering in the event of a power failure from a blizzard, freezing rain, or an ice storm. Make sure your backup system is in good shape, fully charged, and ready to go in the event users are in the elevator when there is a loss of power.

Make sure your commercial elevator is regularly maintained to insure it is working properly and can withstand cold weather.

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