The Right Elevator for a Three-Story Business

Freedom Commercial ElevatorThe right elevator for a three-story business is a low-cost, low-maintenance elevator that provides multi-level access to your office or business that can be custom designed to fit the décor and special considerations of your environment. It should be engineered to provide safe, smooth, and worry-free rides for customers, clients, and members of your staff.

Limited Use/Limited Application LULA elevators are ideal low-budget elevators that meet code requirements, make use of limited physical space, and can provide service for a three-story business. They travel up to 25 feet with a capacity of 1,400 pounds at a speed of 30 feet per minute. They have a similar look and feel to a traditional elevator, with a fully-enclosed car and automatic controls. Your LULA elevator will fit in a standard 8' floor-to-ceiling height with an overhead motor and gearbox arrangement. LULA elevators are made to fit in any space and are custom-built to fit your completed shaft, ensuring smooth installation every time.

Quieter than the competition, LULA elevators use a Crystal Traction Sheave Drive for a quieter, cleaner, and more efficient ride. They are easily maintained with an electrical panel and controls accessed from within the elevator cab, which eliminates the need for a separate machine room or control box.It will also work with a 220V battery backup that can switch between building and battery power.

LULA elevators also feature automatic power sliding and commercial style doors, stainless steel returns, and energy-efficient recessed ceiling lights to illuminate the interior during use. Enhanced features, such as stainless steel handrails and baked enamel walls, add quality and durability to every car.

The LULA models come with a standard two-stop operation that can be increased to six stops to accommodate your three-story business. They also come with a variety of safety features, including emergency stop and alarm buttons, emergency manual lowering, and emergency lighting in the cab interior.

Look online for elevator companies that offer LULA models, with a variety of features for safe and smooth operation of a commercial elevator for a three-story business.

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