Is A Cable Elevator Better For Your Home

Visi-48 Cable ElevatorWe're in the twenty-first century, and elevators have come a long way. This is why it is so incredibly difficult to say which elevator is best for a home. Instead, it comes down to is personal preference. What is perfect for one homeowner may not be the best option for the next. Having said that, let's focus on some cable elevator cons. Here are some of the reasons a cable elevator could be the best choice for your home.

Energy Savings – If you're looking to save a lot of energy, a cable elevator is an excellent choice. Although at first it may seem like a cable elevator is an energy waster, they are actually built to help you conserve as much energy as possible. Cable elevators are built with counterweights. The cable that supports the elevator car features a large counterweight on its opposite end. This counterweight is attached to help balance the when it is not in use. Therefore, instead of wasting energy when the car isn't being used, the counterweight takes pressure off of the motor and helps save energy.

Disguised – One of the most attractive features of a cable elevator is that they can easily be disguised as pantries or cabinets. For the homeowner who doesn't want a big elevator smack dab in the middle of his or her home, a cable elevator can simply sit next to a load-bearing wall, and the shaft can be hidden with fake walls. At each floor, the door to the elevator can easily be disguised as a cabinet or pantry. Guests will be shocked when they open the door to what they thought was a hall closet and see a full-sized working home elevator. Not all elevators can be disguised this way. If disguising the elevator is important to you, then step away from the hydraulic models. Hydraulic models are designed to stand alone and are usually installed in the middle of a room.

Traditional Style – Even if you don't want to disguise the elevator as a pantry or closet, cable elevators are more traditional than other models. This is important to note, because if the style of your home is traditional and you choose to install a model that is very modern, the two are going to clash. If you have a modern home, maybe you should check out a hydraulic model; if you have a traditionally-styled home, then we definitely recommend that you choose a cable elevator.

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