Elevator in Home

Vision 450 Home ElevatorIt's time to install an elevator in your home, but you just can't decide what type of elevator you should purchase. You're tired of researching online and just want some one to give it to you straight. Well, at Home-elevator.net, there is an elevator for everyone, and you'll be impressed by the variety of in-home elevators we offer. Check out our models; we're sure you'll find the perfect elevator!

Traditional Home Elevator

There are many different types of home elevators on the market today. Some operate with a drive system and others use a hydraulic system; some come with a complete machine room and pit, while others require neither. Getting the perfect elevator for your home depends on style and preference. If you're interested in the traditional elevator, then look no further than Home-elevator.net's Freedom Line. Freedom Elevators are great, because they sport the traditional look while still being economically ideal. Choose between our Freedom Green, an elevator for the energy and environmentally conscious; the Freedom 750, with a variety of finishes; or the Freedom 1500 that has a weight capacity of 1500 pounds. With Freedom elevators, you always have a smooth and quiet ride.

Contemporary Home Elevator

Perhaps the traditional look isn't for you. Contemporary elevators come in a variety of styles, so it's best that you check out our Vision line of elevators to find the most appropriate elevator for your home. The Vision 830 features a beautiful, transparent cab that can easily accommodate a wheelchair. This elevator does not require any machine room or pit. Check out the Vision 500 for even more access to the floors of your home. This model has the ability to connect you to balconies and outdoor landings, so you have access to your entire home. The Vision 450 elevator is powerful, fast, and inexpensive. Moving at a rate of 30 feet per minute, this elevator can accommodate 450 pounds and has been known to save homeowners $15,000 upon installation.

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With so many elevator options available, it's important that you find the right fit for your home. Here at Home-elevator.net, we guarantee that you'll find an elevator that complements your home and provides the best service to you.

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