Trends For Residential Elevators

Vision Glass Home ElevatorsHome elevators are a rising trend because of increased options in style, size, price, and design. If you're interested in an in-home elevator but want to learn more about what's popular and what's not, keep reading to learn what is trending in the elevator world.

Modern Trends – Before you can pick and choose which elevator trend is right for you, you must find out which ones will work best with your home. Let's start off with trends for modern and contemporary homes. Typically, the elevator models that are trending most in modern homes are glass elevators. Glass elevators look great in contemporary homes, because they are clean cut and simple. They are very futuristic looking and may look funny in traditional-styled homes. Glass elevators integrate seamlessly with the modern style and are trending because they provide the rider with a beautiful 360 degree view of the home.

Traditional Homes – In traditional homes, we've noticed a beautiful trend continuing – "hidden" elevators. Homeowners tend to hide cable or hydraulic elevators in the walls of their homes so that they are tucked out of the way. This helps keep the traditional look, since installing a big elevator in the middle of room could disrupt a classic style. This trend is popular because the homeowner and family members can utilize the elevator without anyone knowing it's actually there. House guests might be surprised to open up what they thought was a cabinet door to find a residential elevator inside.

Personalized – Another trend for traditional residential elevators is customizations. Homeowners are happy to find that they can customize their elevator rides easily. From hardware to colors and everything in between, homeowners are matching their elevators to the rest of their décor. Another way that customization is possible is by adding artwork and pictures to the inside of the elevator cab. Paintings, family photos, benches, and even potted plants are great ways to make an elevator your own. Note that customization isn't as easily done with glass elevators; however, this doesn't tend to pose a problem, since most glass elevators are installed in modern themed homes.

There are many trends circling the elevator world; however, you can't join all of them. If you decide to jump on the glass elevator trend, you won't be able to customize it. Pick and choose your style carefully; not every trend will work well for your style or your lifestyle, so choose one that makes the most sense for your family and your home.

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