Elevator Hoist

Vision 550 Home ElevatorNationwide Lifts, America's leading home elevator company, specializes in a variety of home elevators that are designed to meet all residential building codes, including those pertaining to elevator hoists. To create a safe environment for passengers, National Lifts' elevator hoist systems contain smoke and heat detectors and drains and vents.

Following Safety Features and Safety Codes

Besides following safety features for elevator hoists, Nationwide Lifts follows many other codes, including wiring the elevator properly and adding lights and an emergency telephone. A backup battery system that allows the elevator to operate during a power outage is also included, along with an emergency stop button and an alarm. A key lockout feature that prevents children from using the elevator may also be included.

As you can see, Nationwide Lifts takes pride in the safety features of its residential elevators. We offer a large selection of elevators with customizable features that can be matched to your home with 10 year warrantees and 24/7 live customer phone support for round the clock protection.

Electric Drive Controls the Elevator Hoist

One of our newest home elevator models is the Vision 830, a clear cylindrical elevator 58 inches in diameter that is lifted by two aircraft cables and driven by a smooth electric drive that controls the elevator hoist. The Vision 830 is designed with up to five levels and 50 feet of travel.

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For details on the Vision 830 and other Nationwide Lifts residential elevators, please visit www.home-elevator.net or call us toll free at 888-323-8755. Our customer service representatives are eager to answer your questions about residential elevator space and safety requirements, from elevator hoists to many other issues.

Pick an Industry Leader

When you pick Nationwide Lifts, you select a company with offices across the United States supported by a large team of professionals committed to customer service with a passion for excellence that has made us the industry leader and shaped the growth of the residential elevator industry. We'll give you much more than a smooth ride. Please contact us for the details.

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There is simply no other company that can offer you all of this.

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