Jeeves Pro DumbwaiterWhen several objects need to be moved regularly from one floor to another, a dumbwaiter is ideal for this purpose. As a small freight elevator for moving objects only, a dumbwaiter may be present in homes and commercial buildings. For the former, the device is helpful for the elderly and handicapped, but anyone who finds they need assistance with moving objects inside their home or building would benefit from having a dumbwaiter installed.

Although dumbwaiter elevators began as manual devices that moved up and down by a rope, they have operated by a small motor ever since the first half of the 20th century. A movable frame suspended by a cable inside a shaft is the basic design, and, as the rope is attached to a pulley, the frame is guided by rails. Most modern dumbwaiters are equipped with automatic control systems and freight containers; some, even, have movable shelves inside.

Dumbwaiters are simple to add to a home or building.

Typically, a licensed elevator contractor should install the device and shaft, or do-it-yourself kits are a possibility for those with more home improvement skills. Once the entire system is installed, however, it needs to be compliant with ASME codes, many of which overlap with those for commercial passenger elevators.

The Jeeves dumbwaiter, one brand carried through Nationwide Lifts, has all of these features, in addition to an LCD display that indicates the position of the cab inside the shaft. All residential Jeeves dumbwaiter elevators are UL certified and have a powder-coated steel cab with a gate.

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Residential models, such as Jeeves, can move as fast as 30 feet per minute, while commercial designs can be as fast as 300 feet per minute. In a commercial setting, they're used to move objects as diverse as food, dishes, clothing, books, documents, and carts. Hospitals, banks, libraries, restaurants, courthouses, museums, laboratories, and office buildings often have some kind of medium to large-size dumbwaiter inside that can support up to 1000 pounds.

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