Does my Building Need a Commercial Elevator?

Freedom Commercial LULA ElevatorNot all buildings need to be equipped with a commercial elevator, or any elevator for that matter. For those who find it difficult to tell if an office building should be outfitted with one, keep the following in mind. A commercial elevator is needed if it will service the following: physically challenged individuals, high traffic areas, and busy employees.

Keep reading to find out how each depends on commercial grade elevators.

Physically Challenged – Persons who are physically challenged or disabled and cannot confidently tackle stairs must ride an elevator to navigate between floors. For companies that primarily work with physically challenged individuals, an in-house elevator is a must. Physically challenged visitors and employees will be more than thankful that there is an elevator ready to get them from floor A to floor B.

Traffic – If the building experiences high foot traffic on a regular basis, a commercial elevator promotes efficiency. Instead of having clients and visitors race past each other in the stairwells, why not install a commercial elevator to carry them to their individual destinations? Plus, if a building is receiving heavy traffic, it means that it is receiving a lot of clients, visitors, and potential customers. In this case, installing a commercial elevator could make a building look more professional. Installing a professional elevator could make the company a more desirable place to visit and work.

Active Staff Members – Staff members who are constantly running between levels deserve a little break. Do them a favor and install an elevator. A commercial elevator will help staff members travel between floors safely and quickly. Even if there is no other need for an elevator except to aid employees, this is still a big enough reason to justify installing one. A happy staff means a productive and successful business. Why wear out employees on the stairs when their energy could be saved for more important, work-related tasks?

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There are many reasons that justify installing a commercial elevator, and no business owner should feel limited to the previous reasons. Even if a building does not service physically disabled persons, does not have an active staff, and does not experience a high level of foot traffic, said business should still consider installing a commercial elevator. Installation of an elevator could greatly benefit all workers who have to climb multiple levels.

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