Are Elevators Susceptible to Power Surges?

Freedom Commercial LULA ElevatorPower surges are not common but they do happen on occasion and they can affect commercial and residential elevators.

Power surges often occur when the line voltage rises above regular voltage. Surges can also occur in conjunction with power outages, even though surges are basically spikes in electrical currents. However, surges often have a greater tendency to trip out protection features more so than brown-outs or power fluctuations.

Typically, elevators will restart after power surges or power outages, but there are factors that can keep the power restarting.

If the power goes off then goes back on within a few seconds, the elevator power should go back on as well.

The type of elevator can also determine how the elevator responds to a power surge. Some older elevators have less components, which are less sensitive to power variations. The older elevators also tend to have less power production features. This means it make take a larger power outage than a typical power surge to shut down the elevator.

Newer elevator systems are a little different in that they often offer more power protection. Most newer-model traditional elevators feature motor drives equipped with minimum and maximum input voltage detection. This means at a certain percent variance, the motor drive will trip out to protect the elevator and the motor. Many newer elevators will include other safety features like emergency battery powered lowering systems, emergency automatic interior cab lighting, emergency alarms and emergency start and stop buttons. All commercial elevators should also have working intercom systems.

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