Cost Of Home Elevators

Freedom Hydro Home ElevatorAs more and more people purchase home elevators, it sparks interest in other home owners. Many elderly people and people with physical disabilities are taking advantage of the benefits of a home elevator. Many people are unsure as to what it will cost them to have an elevator installed into their home. Contrary to popular belief, having an elevator installed in your home is much more affordable than you might think.

Home elevators can run you anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000, but can reach prices of $100,000 and more.

To better understand how home elevators are priced you need to know about the different options available to you. Home elevators can run you anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000, but can reach prices of $100,000 and more. A big portion of the cost comes from installation price. Some elevators will require more installation than others, which will have a large impact on how much you will pay.

Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevators, for instance, usually require that a pit and machine room be built. They use a hydraulic arm and fluid to move the elevator cab between floors. Hydraulic elevators are typically larger and have higher weight limits. People who use a wheelchair would benefit from the large cab space and smooth ride of a hydraulic elevator. Because hydraulic elevators require a lot of construction and installation, they will fetch a higher price.

Cable Elevators

Cable driven elevator swill be more in the middle of the road when it comes to pricing. Depending on if the model you choose needs a pit and/or machine room, a cable elevator in your home will cost you around $25,000. Cable driven elevators need a track, motor, and cable system installed, which can take a while to install.

Pneumatic Elevators

Rising in popularity because of its price and modern look, pneumatic elevators are the most affordable home elevator option. They use vacuum technology to literally suck the elevator cab up to the next floor. The great thing about pneumatic elevators is they are self-supporting, so they never need a pit or machine room. They can be attached to a balcony or fit through a hole in the floor, making installation quick and easy. There are models of pneumatic elevators built small enough for a single rider and others that are large enough to accommodate someone in a wheelchair. The price for a pneumatic elevator in your home can be as low as $10,000, making them extremely affordable, even to those with a tight budget.

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Other factors in the cost of a home elevator are height, number of stops, and size. The taller the elevator you need and the more stops it will make, the more expensive it will be. The larger the elevator cab is will also increase the price. After you decide what your needs are and what your budget is, you can better choose the home elevator that is right for you.

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