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Freedom Green Residential ElevatorDo you need help getting up and down the stairs because of old age or disability? Maybe you want to add something that will increase your home's value and give it a luxurious feeling? At Nationwide Lifts, we have a huge selection of passenger elevator systems that can be installed in your home. Not only will one of our residential passenger elevators help make traveling between floors easier, but it will also give your home an added sophistication.

Check Out Both Traditional & Contemporary Styles

At Nationwide Lifts, we have both traditional and contemporary residential passenger elevators. With the world being very environmentally conscience right now, we offer a contemporary "Green" model. This passenger elevator does not require a machine room, is smooth and quiet, uses 50-percent less energy than other passenger elevators, and the interior cab is made from 100-percent recycled wood. We also carry several contemporary passenger elevators that can give your home a modern look. Most of the models are pneumatic and are cylindrical with 360 degrees of glass. The pneumatic elevators use a vacuum technology to move the cab up and down the shaft. Some advantages of pneumatic passenger elevators are that they do not take up much space, do not need a machine room, and are easily installed. We also offer cable driven and hydraulic models, if pneumatic is not what you are looking for.

Nice Selection of Quality Wheelchair Lifts

If you use a wheelchair, we also offer a series of wheelchair lifts. At Nationwide Lifts, we have both indoor and outdoor wheelchair lifts to meet whatever your needs are. Our Apex IPL model is great for stairway access. It can be used outdoors or indoors and automatically folds up when not in use. It works just like a chair lift but the platform is big enough to assist you up the stairs without ever leaving your wheelchair. Our other Apex models can help assist you with gaining access to places vertically up to 12 feet. Easily operated, the larger passenger wheelchair lifts are great for making anywhere in or around your home accessible.

Check Out Our Website

Check out our website to see all of the different kinds of passenger elevators we offer at Nationwide Lifts. Apply for a free quote online to get a residential passenger elevator for your home!

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