Elevator Costs

Freedom Green Home ElevatorWhether you need an elevator in your home because of a disability or you want to add a luxurious touch, a home elevator from Nationwide Lifts is affordable and practical. At Nationwide Lifts, you can choose from a variety of traditional and contemporary elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts.

A Home Elevator Is Not As Expensive As You Think

Having an elevator in your home is not as expensive as you might think. Most people feel like home elevators are for the rich and famous only, when, in fact, many middle class homes have an elevator inside. Some people have them to add a luxurious feel, and others have them installed because a disability or age has made it difficult to use the stairs. No matter what your reasoning is for getting a home elevator, Nationwide Lifts has the right one for you.

The average cost of a home elevator is between $10,000 and $20,000.

Higher-end models or optional features can raise the price to $30,000 and up. A home elevator will cost you about the same as most new cars. If you are adding an elevator to an existing home, it will be more expensive than building a house with one. To protect your investment at Nationwide Lifts, we back our elevators with a 10-year mechanical warranty. Elevator costs vary by model, size, and drive system.

The cost of installation can sometimes be a bit high, depending on the type of elevator. A pneumatic elevator needs minimal installation because they are smaller and does not need a pit or machine room, and little construction is needed. Larger elevators that may cause you to make altercations to your home; to fit it would drive the installation price up. You will also need to get a permit to install a home elevator and that could run you a few hundred dollars.

The Less Costly Alternative: Stair Lifts

If you want a less costly alternative, at Nationwide Lifts, we also offer stair lifts. These less expensive lifts give you the ability to travel up and down the stairs in a chair that moves via a track. They only accommodate one passenger but are easy to install and inexpensive.

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While it may be slightly costly, a home elevator can be a big help and will add value to your home. For someone who cannot use the stairs anymore, a home elevator is priceless, because it will allow them to have full access to their home. On average, having a residential elevator will increase the value of your home by 10 percent. To get a better estimate of what a residential elevator will cost you for your home, you can request a quote on our website.

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