Is an Elevator or a Stair Lift a Better Choice for Your Home?

home elevatorClimbing stairs can be a challenge for seniors or other people with limited mobility. If you are finding it difficult to walk up the stairs in your home, you don’t have to limit yourself to the rooms on the first floor. You can make all of the levels in your house accessible by installing a home elevator or stair lift.

An elevator can be installed in nearly any home. Residential elevators come in a variety of sizes to fit the amount of space available in virtually any house. An elevator can be tucked away behind a door in an area that used to be a closet, or it can be attached to a balcony or travel through a hole in the floor. Elevators are available in hydraulic, cable-driven, and pneumatic designs and can be customized with an array of options to match your individual preferences and the décor in your house.

stair liftIf you don’t have enough space to install an elevator in your house, a stair lift is another viable option. A stair lift has a comfortable seat attached to a rail that runs along a staircase. You simply need to sit down and press a button, and the lift will guide you up or down the stairs. A stair lift can be installed on almost any staircase, even one with a curve. Stair lifts are available in a variety of sizes to match any body shape and can even work on narrow staircases.

Another important factor to consider in deciding whether an elevator or a stair lift would be a better choice for your home is the price. An elevator costs significantly more than a stair lift. The price can increase further if you decide to customize your elevator with optional features. A stair lift can improve mobility at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t let limited mobility stop you from being able to use and enjoy all of the rooms in your house. An elevator or stair lift can provide you with the access you want and allow you to remain independent.


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