Things to Consider before Installing a Stair Lift in Your Home

stair liftIf you have trouble walking up and down the stairs in your home, a stair lift could be the solution you need. A stair lift can be used in nearly any home and can make all of the levels in your house accessible.

A stair lift can be used on almost any staircase. It can travel along a straight staircase or follow a path around a curve and over a landing. A stair lift can be customized to match the specific needs of your home.

If you need help getting up the stairs from the outside of your house to the door, you can install an outdoor stair lift. Weatherproof materials can protect the stair lift from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.

A variety of stair lift designs are available to match the user’s specific needs. For a heavy person, stair lifts are available with wide seats and higher weight capacities. If you suffer from lower back pain, install a stair lift with soft starts and stops that are controlled electronically. A locking swivel seat can make it easy to step from the stair lift to the landing.

Most stair lifts have seats, armrests, and footplates that fold up when not in use. This reduces the amount of space the stair lift takes up and makes it possible for other people to walk up and down the stairs easily.

A stair lift is easy to control with the press of a button or a rocker-switch control. A call-send unit can summon the stair lift whenever needed. A battery-operated stair lift can work even if the power goes out. Diagnostics can help you monitor the stair lift’s operating status and identify any problems.

Stair lifts are equipped with several standard safety features, including a seatbelt, brake, and footrest sensor. A stair lift should have an overspeed governor to control its speed as it travels down the stairs. Safety sensors can stop the stair lift if an object is obstructing its path.


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