Freedom 750

  • Economical Residential Elevator
  • Smooth, Quiet Hydraulic Operation
  • Variety of Finish Options
  • 1000 lb capacity

(see complete specifications below)

Freedom 750 model is an economical home elevator with a hydraulic drive system. The Freedom 750 elevator has a capacity of 1000 lbs, and the elevator’s cab runs up to 36 feet per minute. This elevator can travel to heights up to 50 feet and five stops. The standard elevator car has an interior height of 80 inches, with the option to upgrade to 95 inches. Safety features for this elevator include a battery-powered lowering, emergency alarm, and automatic door locks. In addition, Freedom 750 elevators come in a variety of finishes to match the wood in your home.

The Freedom 750 is available in different elevator door configurations. The most common elevator door configuration is a single side entrance. Walkthrough options have doors either 90 or 180 degrees apart. Setting up the elevator in a home typically takes from three to four days to compete. A machine room is required for this elevator. In most regions, the machine room can be as small as 3’ wide by 2’ deep. The elevator power and a functional telephone jack must be present in the machine room. The telephone line will be routed from the machine room to the elevator cab.

The smooth hydraulic ride of the Freedom 750 elevator provides a high-end experience at an affordable price.