Wheelchair Lift Safety Features

wheelchair lift safety featuresIf you or a family member uses a wheelchair to get around and you live in a multi-story house, stairs are obviously a limitation. However, limited mobility does not need to stop you from using all of the rooms in the house. A wheelchair lift can allow a wheelchair user to travel quickly and easily from floor to floor, making all of the rooms in the home accessible. Wheelchair lifts are equipped with several safety features.

A wheelchair lift runs on standard 120V house power. Many wheelchair lifts have a battery backup power source in case there is a power outage. A battery backup system can ensure that the wheelchair lift will continue to function normally if the power goes out so that a user will not have to worry about getting stuck if there is a power failure.

If someone does get stuck on the wheelchair lift for some reason, he or she will need a way to call for help. A wheelchair lift should be equipped with an emergency communication system, such as an alarm or a telephone.

Wheelchair lifts come equipped with other safety features. These can include anti-skid platforms, automatic emergency lighting, side guard panels, and emergency on/off switches.


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