Mother Gets Bill after Jumping Stalls Elevator

jump in elevatorAn Idaho mother got a shock when she received a bill for $1,100 after she and her children were stuck in an elevator for over an hour.

On July 4, Karen Bryan took her three children to visit a friend at an apartment building in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. When they were leaving the apartment in the elevator, she and her kids jumped. Bryan said she thought that getting a weightless feeling from jumping in a descending elevator would be fun for her and her kids.

Instead, the elevator stopped. The family called for help, and an elevator technician came over an hour later to free them from the stuck elevator.

The elevator company sent a bill for $1,100 in repairs to the building’s administration. The administration forwarded the bill to Bryan’s friend, who paid it. Bryan plans to repay her friend if she is unable to resolve the situation and get the charges dropped. She believes a sign should have been posted warning passengers that jumping in an elevator could cause it to stall. Most elevators do not have signs warning people not to jump. She is considering taking legal action.

Many buildings use cable-traction elevators. If a passenger jumps, the cables can stretch and slacken with the bouncing. There are safeties built into the elevator system to sense if the cables go slack. If these safeties are triggered, they will shut down the elevator and require a manual reset by an elevator mechanic.

Pink Elevators Raise Breast Cancer Awareness and Funding

pink elevator breast cancerOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Metro Elevator Co. Inc. is raising money to support Susan G. Komen in Michigan in its fight to find a cure for breast cancer.

The company is raising funds through its fifth “Ride the Pink Elevator” campaign at 201 Michigan St. NW in Grand Rapids, which is the site of the Rowe Hotel that is currently undergoing renovations. The pink elevator was installed on the west side of the Rowe Hotel.

Triangle Associate Inc., the construction project management team, installed the pink elevator and expects it to remain in place through January 2016. Vice President of Business Development Jim Conner said breast cancer has touched his life and he believes more men need to be aware of the disease and take action to fight it.

The goal of the campaign is to raise money and awareness about breast cancer research and treatment. Komen Michigan’s Executive Director Jennifer Jurgens said the group is always looking for new and unique ways to raise awareness and money. Construction workers and companies that are involved in the project are encouraged to donate funds to support breast cancer research and awareness.

This is the third pink elevator to be set up in Michigan to support the foundation. The first was launched in Ann Arbor this year and raised more than $18,000 to support Komen Michigan. The second pink elevator at Central Michigan University raised over $8,000. The Pink Elevator project is expected to be expanded nationwide in the future.

National Association of Elevator Contractors Holds Conference in Boston

National Association of Elevator Contractors conferenceThe National Association of Elevator Contractors is holding its 66th annual conference at the Westin Boston Waterfront & Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from Monday, September 28 to Thursday, October 1, 2015. The event is billed as the largest vertical transportation show in the United States.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about elevators and many related subjects. Several topics will be covered in discussions and presentations at the conference this year. Some areas that will be addressed include controlling worker’s compensation costs, implementing an MCP program, machine room-less vs. overhead traction elevators, vertical wheelchair lifts and LULA elevators, the internet of things, and ways to improve customer service.

Attendees will be able to view product demonstrations, receive expert advice, expand their knowledge of the elevator industry, learn about emerging technologies, view over 200 industry exhibits, attend educational sessions, network with others in the industry, and gain an edge over their competitors.

Exhibits will feature the newest products and technology in the elevator industry from the United States and other countries. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with their peers in the industry from around the world.

The National Association of Elevator Contractors’ annual conference is an exciting opportunity for elevator manufacturers, technicians, installers, and others in the vertical lift industry to come together to share information and advice, broaden their knowledge, and expand their ability to succeed in the competitive international elevator market. This event has helped many companies and individuals in the industry expand their knowledge and grow and promote their businesses.

Singapore Apartment Building Has ‘Parking Lot in the Sky’

Hamilton Scotts apartments Singapore car elevatorsWealthy residents of luxury apartment buildings in Singapore have a problem: where to park their expensive cars. The Hamilton Scotts residential building in the Asian city-state has come up with a solution. Elevators take cars straight up to apartments and park them in the living rooms.

The “parking lot in the sky” is the building’s standout feature. Residents can transport their cars to their apartments, whether they live on a lower floor, the penthouse, or anywhere in between. The project’s director said the goal was to make a car a part of the living room ensemble, like a piece of furniture.

A resident drives a car into the basement, parks it on a movable metal plate, and enters a code or gives a fingerprint to start the transport process. The car is moved into an elevator shaft that carries it to the appropriate apartment. Each apartment’s sky garage is large enough to house two cars. Residents are not able to ride up to their apartments in their vehicles.

The Hamilton Scotts building was constructed shortly before the 2008 financial crash and soon began to struggle. China-based investment company Reignwood Group took over management of the building in 2013 because it saw long-term potential in the property and the Singapore market. The group wanted to find an iconic building to broaden its name and develop its business. Reignwood Group performed some renovations on the property and added some amenities, such as free breakfast for residents every day.

Hamilton Scotts has 36 floors with 56 units. The building is currently 70 percent occupied. Prices for a 2,755-square-foot apartment start at $10 million.

Singapore’s luxury real estate sector is still struggling. Prices are 20 to 30 percent below their peaks in 2007, even though Singapore has the highest per capita GDP in the world and 10 percent of households contain a millionaire. Luxury real estate prices in Singapore are less than half of those in Hong Kong. Members of the real estate sector believe this is due to government policies and a glut of supply.

Artists Decorate Elevator at Miami Hotel

ELEVATE elevator art Casa Claridge's MiamiThe Faena Arts District in Miami, which is undergoing renovations, gave the public a taste of what is coming when it invited three artists to decorate an elevator at the historic Casa Claridge’s Hotel in a project called ELEVATE.

ELEVATE was inaugurated for Miami Beach Art Basel 2014. Three artists have been given free reign to decorate the elevator at Casa Claridge’s however they saw fit. Cristina Lei Rodriguez created a mine with gold, and Consuelo Castaneda created a Mexican baroque cathedral.

The current elevator design was created by Typoe, a Miami-based graffiti artist. He painted all of the surfaces inside the elevator an inky black and covered them with colorful stickers, bric-a-brak he found in local gift shops, and old-fashioned letter magnets popular with children. His work is entitled Getting Up (2015).

The piece is intended to be intimate and immersive and to make the experience of riding in an elevator fun. Typoe has witnessed visitors riding the elevator up and down through all five floors simply to have an opportunity to play with the letters on the walls. The experience seems to suspend time and allow people to shut out everything else while they take it in.

ELEVATE reflects the discrete nature of elevators as utilitarian spaces hidden from view. The color, texture, and spirit of Typoe’s work stands in stark contrast to site-specific works of art. He sought to create an immersive experience by encouraging people to touch and play with the letters.

ELEVATE has gotten people excited about visiting the Faena Arts District, which will open soon with several buildings, including two hotels, three residential buildings, and a cultural space that was designed by Rem Koolhaas’s architecture firm, OMA. The project stretches from 32rd to 36th Streets along Collins Avenue. The grand opening is set for November. The Faena Group, which is named after founder Alan Faena, had success with a similar project in a formerly blighted area of Buenos Aires.

Man’s Videos Inspire Elevator Enthusiasts and People with Autism

Andrew Reams elevator videosFor Andrew Reams, an elevator ride as a toddler sparked a lifelong passion. When he was shopping with his mother in the Famous Barr & Co. department store in St. Louis, Missouri in the early 1980s, she picked him up and told him to press an elevator button. The doors opened like a “magic wall,” and a lifelong love of elevators was born.

Reams has spent his entire life researching elevators. He especially enjoys historic lifts. An antique elevator has operated since before the 1950s, while a vintage lift has been operating since before 1980. He enjoys the glass roofs, ornate iron castings, art deco styling, and other decorative features of historic elevators. Riding in old elevators makes Reams feel connected to the past and to other people who have ridden them before him. He has made trips to visit historic elevators across the United States.

Reams began recording videos of his trips with a camcorder and started uploading them on YouTube in 2006 using the handle “DieselDucy.” He didn’t expect them to generate much interest, but it turned out that many people around the world were just as fascinated by elevators as he was.

Posts to his YouTube channel are often viewed tens of thousands of times. A video of an elevator at the Kansas City Marriott from 2013 has been viewed over 80,000 times.

Reams estimates that he has recorded videos of over 3,000 elevators. Fans comment on almost all of his videos. He has connected with elevator companies, and some have given him special tours or donated items to the elevator museum he runs from his home.

Reams appears in his videos and narrates from behind the camera. He films the elevators, as well as the exteriors of buildings, and often includes building employees. He sometimes has to get creative to get access to areas that are closed to the general public. He has encountered people who were suspicious about his filming but quickly warmed up when he told them his purpose.

Reams has made friends among other elevator enthusiasts. Jacob Batcha runs The Elevator Channel, which has more than 8,000 subscribers. He and Reams often appear in each other’s videos.

Reams is fascinated by elevators because of their machinery, history, and design. He also has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. People with the condition often become fixated on things. In addition, Reams enjoys having control of a multi-sensory environment and believes other people with autism enjoy his videos for the same reason. The purpose of his “elevaTOURS” is to reach out to other people with autism and elevator enthusiasts.

He dreams of traveling to other countries to see their different forms of elevators. For now, however, Reams is content to continue documenting elevators in the United States.

Rules of Elevator Etiquette

elevator etiquette tipsElevators can be uncomfortable places for many people. With strangers so close to each other, people who don’t know etiquette can make rides awkward. The next time you ride in an elevator, be sure to follow these tips to make the ride as pleasant as possible for you and your fellow passengers.

• People should exit the elevator as quickly as possible. Be patient and courteous with your fellow passengers, especially those with limited mobility.

• No matter how long you have been waiting, wait until everyone who needs to get off the elevator has exited before you try to enter.

• If the elevator is getting crowded, wait for the next one.

• Always face forward, unless you are speaking to someone. In that case, you can angle your body, but don’t stand facing everyone else in the elevator.

• It is generally believed, although not universally required, that the person closest to the buttons should ask the other passengers their destination floors and press the appropriate buttons.

• If you are carrying a backpack or large bag, hold it in front of you.

• Don’t try to be a comedian. No one will appreciate corny elevator jokes.

• If you feel a need to strike up a conversation with your fellow passengers, or if someone wants to talk to you, be prepared to discuss some general interest topics (not the weather). You can try local sports, non-political news, inoffensive workplace topics, or something related to your apartment building.

• If you have something important to discuss with your boss or a coworker, don’t do it in the elevator. Schedule a meeting or send an email.

• If someone breaks one of these rules, don’t get upset. Just smile or try to laugh and don’t let it get to you.

• If you have any doubts about whether a comment or behavior would be appropriate, keep it to yourself or wait until the elevator ride is over.

Unique Stiltz Residential Elevators

Stiltz home elevatorsStiltz is one of Nationwide Lift’s new suppliers. Their innovative residential elevators make it easy for seniors and others with limited mobility to get around at home.

Stiltz elevators have a unique design and can fit nearly anywhere in a home. Their elevators do not use hydraulics for power and do not have any load-bearing walls. Instead, they are driven by an intelligent electric motor drive system that plugs into a 110V power outlet. They travel along a dual rail support. Minimal construction is required prior to installation. This offers more flexibility in placement than is possible with other types of home elevators.

The Duo is Stiltz’s original elevator. It is the perfect alternative to a stair lift or a traditional elevator. The Duo can transport two passengers up to one floor in less than 30 seconds. It has a self-supporting structure and a quiet and compact design. The Duo is the only elevator that can fit nearly anywhere in a home. With an area of less than seven square feet, it has the smallest footprint of any elevator on the market. It can be installed in less than two days. The Duo has several safety features and additional options available.

The Stiltz Vista elevator is a premier lift for homeowners who want a more luxurious lifestyle. It has clear polycarbonate panels that allow it to blend into a room’s décor and can add style and value to a home. Natural light can pass through the clear panels. The Vista elevator can even be installed right in front of an existing window. It has a footprint of less than seven square feet and can be installed in under two days.

The Stiltz Trio elevator has a deeper footprint and a wider opening, making it large enough to fit a standard-sized wheelchair. It offers a quiet and compact design and flawless performance. The Trio is the only wheelchair elevator on the market that can fit nearly anywhere in a home. With an area of 12 square feet, the Trio is the smallest wheelchair elevator on the market. It can be installed in less than two days. The Trio is the ideal alternative to a stair lift or hydraulic elevator.

Giant Aquarium Has an Elevator Inside It

AquaDom aquarium elevatorMany people find it relaxing to watch fish swimming in an aquarium. The AquaDom in Germany takes the traditional fish tank to a whole new level.

The AquaDom is a massive aquarium located inside the Sea Life Center under a Radisson Blu hotel in Berlin. It has a diameter of 36 feet, and the foundation is 30 feet tall. The aquarium is 82 feet high and holds over 260,000 gallons of water. The AquaDom is the largest acrylic cylindrical aquarium in the world by volume. A glass elevator runs up and down right through the center of the tank.

The AquaDom is home to 1,500 fish from 97 species. Visitors can watch as the fish in the aquarium are given 18 pounds of food every day at 2 p.m. The aquarium needs to be cleaned by divers three or four times a day.

The AquaDom was built by Union Investment Real Estate GmbH. The acrylic cylinder for the aquarium was constructed by International Concept Management, Inc., an American company. Twelve sets of panels for the outside cylinder were sent from the factory and assembled on-site. To make the inside cylinder, three sections of five panels each were bonded together near the hotel. The tank cost about 12.8 million euros to construct. It was completed in 2004.

Several other water attractions are located under the AquaDom, including a walk-through underwater tunnel and an interactive rock pool. The DomAquaree complex also includes a hotel, offices, a restaurant, and the Sea Life Center aquarium.

Home Elevator Costs

home elevatorIf you need to improve mobility at home for yourself or a family member, an elevator is the best solution. A residential elevator can make it easy for a person who has trouble using the stairs to travel from floor to floor. An elevator can also be of assistance to someone who needs to transport heavy objects, such as bags of groceries or a laundry basket, and would have difficulty doing so while walking up or down stairs.

Home elevators vary in terms of construction and price. A traditional residential elevator in an enclosed shaft typically costs $20,000 to $25,000 for a two-story house and $22,000 to $27,000 for a three-level dwelling. This is the cost for the elevator equipment and installation. A carpenter or general contractor will need to be hired to build a hoistway. This will be a separate expense in addition to the cost of the elevator. In an existing home, the cost for remodeling will probably be around $15,000 to $20,000. The cost for remodeling and installing an elevator will be around $40,000 for a two-story house and $50,000 for a three-level home.

glass elevatorA glass elevator does not require a constructed hoistway. Instead, it attaches to a balcony or travels through a hole in the floor. A glass elevator such as the Vision 450 is a great solution for an existing home because the elevator and hoistway are included in one package. A very minimal amount of remodeling work is required. A Vision 450 elevator, including both equipment and installation, costs about $35,000 for a two-level house and $45,000 for a three-story home. The cost for site preparation is generally around $1,000 to $5,000.

The above numbers are just estimates for budgetary purposes. Prices vary greatly based on local labor costs, licensing, and site-specific details. Contact your local Nationwide Lifts representative for an accurate quotation.

There is simply no other company that can offer you all of this.

If you are looking for a customized quote or just want to ask a question, get in touch with Nationwide Lifts today to start talking to a Home Elevator expert.