A Dumbwaiter Makes It Easy to Move Items between Floors

dumbwaiterCarrying heavy items up and down stairs can be difficult and risky. One slip can result in a fall, which could have potentially catastrophic results, such as broken bones or a head injury. If you are finding it a challenge to carry things like groceries or laundry baskets up and down stairs in your home, a dumbwaiter could be the solution.

A dumbwaiter will enable you to easily transport these heavy items from one level to another in your house. You can simply load them onto the dumbwaiter, close the door, and press a button. Then walk to the other floor, and the items will be there waiting for you.

A dumbwaiter is an invaluable tool for many seniors and other people who have trouble carrying things up and down stairs. A dumbwaiter can allow you to remain independent and to complete everyday household tasks without the need to ask others for assistance.

Dumbwaiters are available in a variety of sizes to fit a homeowner’s individual needs. They can transport up to 150 pounds, making them perfect for moving grocery bags, laundry, or boxes. They are simple to operate with the press of a button.

Our Jeeves dumbwaiters have finished birch cabs with dovetail joints and stainless steel call buttons. They operate on a commercial grade rail or trolley system and use 115 volts of electricity. They are also equipped with several standard safety devices, including a slack cable, final limit, trolley brake, and interlock door.

A dumbwaiter can also be useful in a business. Dumbwaiters are used frequently in restaurants and other businesses where employees need to transport heavy items. Our Jeeves commercial dumbwaiters have the same standard safety features and can carry up to 500 pounds.

If you are having trouble using the stairs while carrying items in your home or business, a dumbwaiter could be the solution. With a variety of weight capacities and standard safety features, a dumbwaiter can make it easy to move items from floor to floor in a residential or commercial setting.


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