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Wheelchair Lift Safety Features

wheelchair lift safety featuresIf you or a family member uses a wheelchair to get around and you live in a multi-story house, stairs are obviously a limitation. However, limited mobility does not need to stop you from using all of the rooms in the house. A wheelchair lift can allow a wheelchair user to travel quickly and easily from floor to floor, making all of the rooms in the home accessible. Wheelchair lifts are equipped with several safety features.

A wheelchair lift runs on standard 120V house power. Many wheelchair lifts have a battery backup power source in case there is a power outage. A battery backup system can ensure that the wheelchair lift will continue to function normally if the power goes out so that a user will not have to worry about getting stuck if there is a power failure.

If someone does get stuck on the wheelchair lift for some reason, he or she will need a way to call for help. A wheelchair lift should be equipped with an emergency communication system, such as an alarm or a telephone.

Wheelchair lifts come equipped with other safety features. These can include anti-skid platforms, automatic emergency lighting, side guard panels, and emergency on/off switches.

How Can Seniors Improve Mobility at Home and Remain Independent?

seniors mobilityAs people age, it can become increasingly difficult to do things that were once easy, such as walking up and down a flight of stairs. Many people believe that if they cannot climb stairs, they either have to limit themselves to the ground floor or move into another home with a single level. However, there are several other options that can allow seniors to improve mobility and remain independent.

A residential elevator is the easiest way to travel safely from floor to floor in a home. An elevator can be installed in a house of nearly any size. It can be tucked into a corner behind a wall, attach to a balcony, or travel through a hole in the floor. Elevators come in a wide range of sizes and configurations that can fit in nearly any house.

If you don’t have the space or money for an elevator, a stair lift is a good alternative. A stair lift travels along a staircase from one level to another. A stair lift can be customized to fit virtually any straight or curved staircase and even a narrow staircase. Stair lifts have a variety of weight capacities and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

If you or a family member uses a wheelchair to get around and an elevator is not an option, a wheelchair lift could be the solution. A wheelchair lift can travel either vertically or up an incline along a staircase to transport a senior citizen in a wheelchair safely from floor to floor with the press of a button.

An elevator, stair lift, or wheelchair lift can improve mobility for a senior citizen who is no longer able to use the stairs. By making all of the floors in the home accessible, a senior can remain independent and continue to live in the house that is full of family memories.

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