Apex 500

  • Affordable Handicap Accessibility
  • Residential or Commercial Use
  • Up to 6’ of Vertical Travel
  • Excellent for Outdoors

(see complete specifications below)

The Apex 500 Wheelchair lift is a safe, comfortable ride that is easy to install and is price-comparable to installing a ramp. This type of wheelchair lift uses a screw-drive system and continuous pressure operation, which means that the user holds the operating button during travel to indicate stops and starts in a vertical motion. With some adjustments, this wheelchair lift can be used for public access as well.

With a sturdy metal construction, the Apex 500 Wheelchair lift moves at eight feet per minute. The dimensions of the structure include a 34 inch by 54 inch platform for the wheelchair, 42 inch high side guard panels, and a 16 inch automatic access ramp. The ramp and platform have anti-skid surfaces and a safety under-panel sensor. Other emergency features for the wheelchair lift include an emergency stop button and optional keyed call and send stations.

While this wheelchair lift can be used for vertical public access because it is ADA compliant, it needs two additions, which can be ordered from Apex. For public access, the Apex 500 needs a "Public Package" and "Upper Gate." Installation for the wheelchair lift only takes from one to two days, but the additions require extra time.